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My Babysitter's a Vampire - Behind the Scenes - Meet Kate Todd

When Ethan Morgan's over protective parents assigned a babysitter to watch over him and his 8 year old sister, he thought he'd ...

Kate Todd -"Footprints On The Moon" Lyrics

Twitter: @iDreamOfVanessa I DO NOW OWN ANYTHING! Watch in HD for better quality! Kate Todd's "Footprints On The Moon" ...

NCIS "Kate Todd is not dead"

4 years have passed since the death of Kate, but Gibbs is starting to have doubts about the sequence of events. He discovers that ...

Kate Bush - Running Up That Hill - Official Music Video

Official music video for the single "Running Up That Hill" written and produced by British singer Kate Bush. The song was the first ...

Kate Todd - Yesterday

Listen to one of Kate's latest song.. from 2009. Lyrics soon.

Kate Todd & the Mini Idols Footprints on the Moon

Hometown Music Council is proud to present Kate Todd and the Mini Idols singing Footprints on the Moon. Mini Idol is an ...

Kate Todd - Girl Next Door (Lyrics) HD

Vanessa Morgan - Girl Next Door (Lyrics) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S8SJ26p7Upg My Babysitter's a Vampire Season 2 ...

Kate Todd


Girl next door (Mash-up) - Vanessa Morgan and Kate Todd

I mixed it! Hope you like it! Like,comment and suscribe please:)

NCIS Kate Todd Tribute

[KIBBS] - Special Agent Caitlin Todd tribute. Gibbs is reflecting on his relationship with her, and remembering her. Current time is ...

KATE TODD ~ 'Anywhere With You'

KATE TODD's Music Video for the title track off her sophomore album 'Anywhere With You' www.katetodd.com Produced by: Peter ...

NCIS Kate Todd

This clip has allof the team remembering kate todd.

KATE TODD ~ 'You're Gonna Find Out' ~Music Video

KATE TODD's music video for 'You're Gonna Find Out' from her new EP 'One!' Please support: www.itunes.com/katetodd to get ...

What Baking Can Do - Waitress Cover (feat. Mary Kate Wiles)

More like what baking can DON'T, are we right?? This number is from our Spoopy Broadway performance on October 13th!

Mort de Kate Todd

Scène super émouvante 2x23 In Extremis de NCIS Kate Todd's Death in French.

Kate Todd Acting Demo Reel

A short promo reel of KATE TODD's film and television acting work.

KATE TODD ~ 'I Want It That Way' Backstreet Boys cover

www.katetodd.com itunes.com/katetodd for original music.

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